2006 FBI Crime Report

The Average Loss in a Residential Burglary was $1,834 in 2006

Interesting Statistics & Facts About Home Burglary – 2006

  • In 2006, there were an estimated 2,183,746 burglary offenses-an increase of 1.3 percent when compared with 2005 data.
  • Burglaries increased 1.5 percent when compared with the 2002 estimate.
  • Burglary accounted for 21.9 percent of the estimated number of property crimes committed in 2006.
  • In 2006, burglary offenses cost victims an estimated billion in lost property.
  • The average dollar loss per burglary was a stunning ,834.
  • 66.2 percent of burglaries were residential structures.
  • Of the burglaries for which the time of occurrence was known, 63.1 percent of residential burglaries took place during the day

It doesn’t take much to protect your home from a burglar. You just needto know how to do it. An estimated 34 percent of burglars entered the home through the front door. Another 23 percent entered through a first floor window. The next 22 percent entered through the back door. By protecting your main floow windows, front and back door, you can greatly reduce if not eliminate the change of burglar in your home.

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