Access Control System

Access Control or Managed Access regulates the movement of people into and within your building to help protect your employees, your property and your company information. You avoid key problems, and have the ability to see where people are on your premises at any given moment. This cost effective means of preventing unauthorized entry also provides a permanent record of anyone visiting your premises.

Employees are issued an access card. This card will grant access through doors via an electronic lock. Access Control cards are programmed to allow entry according to the schedule. These dates are schedules are controlled on your computer.

Visitors and vendors can only have access for the days and times needed to access main doors and can be programmed to lock and unlock automatically on schedule and on holidays.

Easy to learn these programming options in minutes:

  • New cards for employees
  • Door unlock schedules
  • Access levels limiting employees access to specific doors at specific times
  • Holidays: Input the days of the year that will ignore the unlock scheldules
  • Use Cell phone instead of card or fob
  • Delete and track lost or stolen cards

Components of Access Control:

  • Maglocks: Magnetic locks replace conventional lock and key, typically 1200lb holding force, minimal maintenance and incredible longevity.
  • Electric strikes: Solenoid driven locking mechanism installed at the latch level of the door frame.
  • REX: Request to Exit devise, typically a motion detector used to unlock the door to exit. When Maglocks are used an additional REX in the form of an exit push button is required for additional safety.
  • Card Reader: Devised used to read or scan a card, fob or cell phone and unlock door.
  • Door ajar sensor: Contact or sensor used to detect a door that has been propped open, open too long and to differentiate between a valid card read, or a forced open door.
  • Controller: Interface between door devises and software controlling doors. MWS typically opts to use KANTECH brand of controllers due to reliability and exceptional feedback we receive from our clients relating to ease of use and fail safe features.