Mountain West Security Systems

Q. How do I change the time and date on my DSC alarm system?

A. Most DSC alarms can be set up by our installers to automatically adjust for daylight saving time. If this isn’t happening, please ask us to set up that option the next time we’re at your home or business. Until then use these instructions:
Lets say it’s 3.05pm on March 4th 2015 and your master code is “1212”
You will use your keypad to enter *6, 1212, 1, 1505, 03, 04, 15, #.
Note: *6 is the “star” key on your keypad followed by the number 6. Time is entered using 24hr format. Spaces and commas are used only for clarity, actual keystrokes would be *6121211505030415#.

Q. How do I change the code on my DSC alarm system?

A. Most DSC alarms are capable of having multiple codes for individual users, one of which is the “master code” which is used as a user code and is also the code used to program all other codes.
If you only know of one code for your system, that will typically be the master code.
Let’s say your current master code is 1212 and you want to change it to 2121.
You will use your keypad to enter *5, 1212, 40, 2121, #.
Note: *5 is the “star” key on your keypad followed by the number 5. “40” is the location always used for the master code.
Spaces and commas are used only for clarity, actual keystrokes would be *61212402121#.

To add or change a second code for a second person to use, that is say 4321, enter *5,1212, 01, 4321, #.
To delete this second code (code 01), enter *5,1212,*#.
More codes can bed added substituting the “01” for 02, 03, etc.
If more than 30 codes are to be used, please check you user manual or call us for more instruction as certain codes like “33” are often set up as duress codes to call the police if used.

Q. My alarm system was not installed by Mountain West Securty. Can you Monitor and Service it?

A. Yes, we can service and monitoring your existing system, our techs are trained and proficient in all of the major brands of security panels.

Q. Why choose Mountain West Security over a national or larger security company?

A. Mountain West Security can offer all of the latest and best products that the national companies sell, but typically at a reduced rate. Our technicians, unlike most of the “door knocking” companies are all licensed to install alarm systems and have passed stringent FBI back-round checks.

You will get a more professional installation because we are professionals, this is our life -not just a summer job.

We are dedicated to installing better systems and giving all of customers the VIP treatment they deserve by striving 24 hours a day to earn your loyalty.

Q. How Long is our Alarm Monitoring Contract?

A. Our contracts are typically 36 months, however we do have “month to month” customers in certain circumstances. We feel our contracts protect our customers as well as us as monitoring rates are guaranteed not to change during the contract period.

Q. Where is your Central Station located and how long does it take for the alarm signal to reach you?

A. Our Central Station provider has two locations; one in Utah and one in Washington State. This provides a backup in case of natural disaster in either location.

Q. What if my phone lines are cut?

A. If your phones are cut or disabled for any reason, your alarm signal will not reach our Alarm Monitoring Center unless you currently have a Cellular backup unit, or an IP monitoring module, either of which can be added to an existing system at any time. However if phone line connectivity is lost, your system will immediately sound a trouble condition warning to notify you if you’re home. If you are away from home, our central station will know about the problem within 24 hrs and notify you of the problem. Mountain West Security is one of very few companies that set up all of our customers systems to send a 24 hourly test signal to the central station.