Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial fire alarm systems

One of the oldest and most experienced fire alarm companies in Utah

What we can do for you:

  • Pass your fire alarm inspection. Guaranteed.
  • Install complete new systems including drawing and stamping fire alarm plans
  • Monitor risers and sprinkler systems
  • Perform annual inspections including testing and tagging your system in compliance with Utah state fire code
  • Test and tag fire extinguishers
  • Utah’s largest A.E.S. Radio network
  • 24 hour Monitoring of all brands and systems
  • All systems installed in compliance with NPFA 72 and NICET Fire Codes

Mountain West Seurity is a licensed dealer of EST Vigilant Fire alarms. We also install Fire-Lite and Silent Knight Systems.
We can perform annual inspections for all brands of fire alarm covering the entire state of Utah including sprinkler and extinguisher inspections.
Many electricians across the state prefer working with us on “Parts & Smarts” installations. Alternatively we are happy to provide complete wire and trim installations, meeting with the fire marshal upon completion of job for a smooth final inspection and handover.