Residential Products

We provide a complete line of security to protect you from Burglary and Fire

  • Door and Window Sensors to detect entry
  • Glass Breakage Detectors tuned to the frequency of breaking glass
  • Smoke Detectors saving lives and property when coupled with monitored system*
  • Monitoring of existing “electrician’s” smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors
  • Flood detectors (Water Bugs)
  • Low Temp. or freeze alarms
  • Driveway sensors
  • Perimeter property beams
  • Strobe warning lights
  • Pre-recorded verbal warning speakers
  • Security Film for glass
  • Electronic locks
  • Motion Sensors to detect movement of an intruder
  • Automatic notification of the Police for rapid response
  • Easy to operate, even for children

*Alarms with monitored smoke detectors typically qualify for significant reductions in homeowners insurance. We can fax the appropriate certificate directly to your insurance company.