Mountain West Security Systems

What is Access Control?

Access Control regulates the movement of people into and within your building to help protect your employees, your property and your company information. You avoid key problems, and have the ability to see where people are on your premises at any given moment. This cost effective means of preventing unauthorized entry also provides a permanent record of anyone on you premises.

Employees are issued an access card. This card will grant access through doors via an electronic lock. Access Control cards are programmed to allow entry according to the schedule. These dates are schedules are controlled on your computer.

Visitors and vendors can only have access for the days and times needed to access main doors and can be programmed to lock and unlock automatically on schedule and on holidays.

  • Lock doors at programmed times
  • Time and attendance for payroll
  • Report time and date of employee access
  • ID Photo badges
  • You control access levels
  • Remote site capability
  • Integration of Video Cameras
  • Bio-metric Readers for greater restriction