What is Z-Wave?

Learn How Z-Wave Can Make Your Home “Smart”

Z-Wave is a wireless communications protocol designed for home automation. It was created to have digital control of home electronic devices such as

  • Lighting
  • Home Access Control & Security Systems
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Household Appliances
  • Thermostats

By adding Z-Wave to home electronics, it is possible to control and monitor from remote locations such as on an iPhone or laptop. Control can be applied to a single device or a group of devices. You can control a single room or the entire home.

Z-Wave is also becoming popular for energy management. For example, Z-Wave enabled thermostats are able to raise and lower temperature automatically based on motion sensors in your alarm system. When you are home, the temperature automatically sets to your comfort level. When away, Z-Wave can adjust your thermostat for maximum energy conservation

Z-Wave is awesome for home safety and security systems. For example, if you open a Z-Wave enabled door lock, it can de-activate the security system, turn on lights when the childred get home from school, and send a notification to a parent’s email or cell phone via the internet. Opening a Z-Wave enagled garage door can trigger exterior and interior lights to turn on. A Z-Wave enabled motion detector can trigger an outdoor security light and a webcam, which would allow a home owner to monitor the home while they are away.

Learn More at www.z-wave.com.